Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tid Bits

Ahhhh, I remember the good ol days when I could stretch like this. Oh wait, that was never. Shea loves to dance and this is her new move, the boys always cringe and exclaim "ohhh, her balls". I then had to explain that this move doesn't affect her like it would them, since she has no male parts.
This is Shea's best buddy besides her brothers. His name is Carter, however at home she referes to him as "prince Carter". Apparently he is her version of prince charming.
Any time we go through the isles she tries to pick up this candy nonchalantly and throw it in the basket before I can stop her. Why this candy I have no idea, she takes after my mother, obviously.

scooter fun now that the weather is nice.
I make salad with EVERY meal and it goes over well with everyone....except Braden. It is still a struggle even after all these years. You'd think he'd get used to it by now, but no.
For st Patricks day I tried really really hard to be crafty and go on the site pintrest to make something creative. On the left is what I was trying to copy, on the right is what I actually made, I was humiliated. I am basically the exact opposite of everything Martha Stewart stands for. My loving friend took both pictures and made this beautiful comparison which she then posted on my Facebook page, haha. Thanks Ape!
Lastly this is why I am a super mean person and don't let my kids play with my umbrella. I had this for two years in perfect condition, within 10 minutes of caving in and letting shea play with it, it was destroyed.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Philly Zoo and Haircuts

Shea is 3 years old and has never had a hair cut (except for the chunk Cade cut out a couple years ago). Chad was finally fed up with my complaining that it was too long and looked white trash so he gave the ok to get it cut. SIX INCHES!!! Its still super long even after all that cut off.
This is at the Philly Zoo, we love it and the weather was nice so we got a chance to go with Nana since she's never been. Below is the gorilla, i thought it was cool cause he walks like a man.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shea turns 3!

We all had a blast for Shea's bday. She had her breakfast of choice in bed, donuts.
We then went to the circus, it was seriously the greatest show on earth! Not everyone appreciates it though :(
We went out to dinner and then finished it up with her first dance performance. She did great and looked cute while doing it, they were hula girls.

Couple of Randoms

Shea makes Chad carry her around on his shoulder because she likes to be his parrot. Yes, she repeats everything he says.
I try giving the boys more responsibility like cleaning up after dinner. It is proving to be not really worth it, this is the left over noodles still in the pot and uncovered :(
For super bowl sunday we went to a friends house for good food, great commercials and awesome company. The kids are taking their card game pretty seriously.

Snow Day

It finally snowed here in Delaware and we took advantage of it. Behind our apartment there is a small hill so we started throwing the kids down.

Getting Shea ready for Bed

It is a massive struggle EVERY NIGHT to get Shea in her pi's. She hates going to bed and therefore makes it extremely difficult for us. This is just one night I decided to take pictures.

76ers game and Pinewood Derby

Braden's first pinewood derby. He won 3rd place ( out of 5, haha) for his car and he also won best paint job. He was so excited.
We took the kids to a 76ers game, specifically because they were playing the Kings and Jimmer was playing. You can barely see but there are 6 people in the stands with purple jimmer shirts on so we weren't the only fans. see if you can spot them.